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Sunjai Nakshatharan

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 Estrotech OÜ and Intelligent Materials and Systems Laboratory

University of Tartu

Sunjai Nakshatharan completed his bachelor’s in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and MS (by Research) in Instrumentation and Control Engineering from Anna University and National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli (India) respectively. Then he worked as research intern in Continental Automotive Systems (India) on development and testing of shape memory alloy based haptic feedback gas pedal. He also worked as Electrical Engineer for a concise period in design and modelling of DC motors for an electrical machines manufacturing industry.

He joined MICACT in 2015 and is currently associated with Estrotech OÜ and Intelligent Materials and Systems Laboratory, University of Tartu, Estonia. His research is focused on development of electromechanical model and real time control of ionic polymer actuators/sensors.

He will develop physics based model for ionic polymer actuators followed by design of closed loop feedback controllers for position/force control. Eventually, it is expected to develop a prototype of novel robotic application with onboard electronics and controllers.



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