Kätlin Rohtlaid

Kätlin Rohtlaid

Université de Cergy Pontoise

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Kätlin Rohtlaid graduated from Tallinn University of Technology and earned bachelor degree in technology of materials. Then she continued her studies in University of Tartu and worked with conducting polymer actuators. After finishing her master’s degree in materials science in 2015, she joined MICACT project.


Kätlin joined LPPI (Laboratoire de Physicochimie des Polymères et des Interfaces) laboratory in Université de Cergy Pontoise. The goal of her work is to fabricate conducting-IPN microactuators and integrate them into microsystems. The design and synthesis of the electroactive polymers, the ion reservoir membrane and the actuator will be carried out in the Université de Cergy Pontoise.

In Institut d’Electronique de Microélectronique et de Nanotechnologie, the actuator will be patterned through standard photolitography and dry etching techniques. Lifetime testing will be performed in Estrotech OÜ.

Supervisors in LPPI : Pr. Frédéric Vidal, Dr. Cédric Plesse, Dr. Giao Nguyen

Co-supervisors from secondment host in IEMN: Pr Eric Cattan, Dr. Caroline Soyer 

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