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Zane Zondaka

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 University of Tartu


 Zane has graduated from Riga Technical University, Latvia and has been awarded bachelor of science degree of  chemical engineering and professional master degree in nanoengineering. Over past years she has worked in  laboratories around Europe: Riga Biomaterials innovation and development centre (Latvia), INESC-MN  (Portugal), Estonian Nanotechnology competnece centre (Estonia) and Institute of solid state physics (Latvia).


Recently she has joined Intelligent Materials and systems laboratory and goal of her work is to develop conducting polymer-carbon basted composite for ionic electroactive polymer materials and adapt synthesis of materials for microfabrication using micromachining, as well as performe lifetime testing.

Microfabrication of composites will be performed in collaboration with LiU and lifetime testing will be perfomred in Estrotech OU.

Supervisors: Alvo Abloo, Rudolf Kiefer

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