Network-wide training will allow providing scientific and transferable skills training that is of interest to all recruited researchers and will allow ensuring that all recruited researchers, with different scientific backgrounds, reach a common level of knowledge in all domains of EAP research and will obtain understanding of working in both the academic and the private sector. This will help ensuring that the researchers will be able to collaborate with their ESR-colleagues during the project but also that they will be able to communicate and work with colleagues from a wide range of disciplines and from all sectors after they have finished their fellowship.

We plan 4 Training Schools. Each Training School will focus on a few research topics. Each Training School is organized by a beneficiary from the academic sector or by EPFL, who will be responsible providing training in the main topic of the Training School, with additional knowledge provided by other partners, invited speakers and visiting scientists. The Training Schools also focus on training in transferable skills, provided members of the consortium and external cutting-edge scientists from private and public institutions. The Training Schools are open to outside participants from ESNAM/EuroEAP Society and the wider scientific community.


We plan 4 Yearly Meetings, to ensure visibility of the different hosts and public interest. The EuroEAP Society yearly meetings will be an ideal opportunity for the ESRs to train in presenting their research at a conference, exchange knowledge with more experienced researchers and to interact with people from academia and industry in order to investigate their future career opportunities. The YM are an opportunity to widely publicise the project and showcase the achievements of the recruited fellows. Active participation of industrial partners outside the network will be expected and a major effort will be devoted to encourage them to participate. As a satellite event to the Yearly Meetings, the MICACT consortium and all ESRs will devote one day to present the results obtained so far.


 In connection with each Yearly Meeting, a Marie Curie Open Day will be organized. Specific actions will be taken to attract private companies to participate. A small exposition of prototypes and technologies with the latest scientific and technological results will be prepared for public and business interests. Also, the Marie Sklodowska Curie programme and Horizon2020 will be introduced. Specific actions to measure the increase of the workshop participants’ awareness will be taken: questionnaires and quiz with small rewards.

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